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Slot Big Bamboo (Big Bamboo) to play online

Push Gaming studio has created a slot that allows us to plunge into the world of wildlife, and more specifically - into a real Asian forest! Can you imagine what kind of atmosphere it is?

The whole game takes place on the playing field, which consists of 5 reels, and each of them is divided into 6 sectors. This means that we have as many as 30 sectors where we can win big prizes.! Every time I spin the drums, I just can't get away from this game.

The manufacturer Big Bamboo has been in the gaming industry since 2010 and have earned a reputation as reliable developers. This means that they know how to surprise and delight their players.

Big Bamboo

And the best part is. The graphics and music in this game are just bombastic! The graphics are so colorful and detailed that I just forget that I am in the real world. I can smell the forest, hear the sound of leaves and see the magnificent animals of the Asian forest. And the music creates such an atmosphere that I just immerse myself even deeper into the game.

The creators of Big Bamboo thought about the players, and took into account all the little details. When you start the game, you are offered to choose whether you want to play with or without sound. This is so convenient, because sometimes you want to enjoy the game in silence, and sometimes you want to hear every sound of winning.

Play Big Bamboo

Friends, if you haven't played Big Bamboo yet, be sure to give it a try! An exciting adventure in the Asian forest, amazing graphics, mesmerizing music and of course, chance to win big. So don't waste any time and join me in this unrealistically cool game!

Characterization Significance
Release date 2022
Provider Push Gaming
RTP (%) 96.13%
Number of drums 5
Number of lines 50
Number of rows 6
Minimum rate 0.10 coins.
Maximum rate 100 coins
Subject matter Bamboo forest
Symbols Panda, bamboo, forest animals
Bonus Rounds Yes
Special functions Wild symbol, multipliers
Progressive jackpot No
Mobile version Yes

Rules of the game Big Bamboo slot

"Big Bamboo" is a classic video slot in which everything is maximally simplified. You don't need to buy coins or chips, just set the bet size and press the start buttonwhich is located in the bottom right corner of the screen. And that's it, you're already in the game!

Big Bamboo

If you get 2 to 3 identical symbols on a line (the number depends on the type of symbols), you will be awarded a win. The prize money will be immediately transferred to your main account. But remember that combinations must fall on neighboring reels from left to right!

Automatic game

What if you want to play automatically? That's not a problem either, because this slot has an automatic mode. Just click on the button with a white triangle inside, and the game itself will start spinning the reels with the bet you set. At the same time, an additional window will appear where you can customize the following parameters:

  1. Number of automatic rounds (10, 20, 50, 100). You choose how many rounds you want to play without your participation.
  2. Limitations on the size of losses. This means that you can set a limit value at which the automatic rotation will stop.
  3. Single Victory Limitations. Here you can specify the maximum amount of winnings, upon reaching which the automatic mode will also be terminated.

So, when you start an automatic spin, it will continue until the set number of rounds is completed or one of the set limits is reached.

So choose a convenient game mode, customize the settings and enjoy playing Big Bamboo. Here you are waiting for exciting drum spins and the opportunity to win big cash prizes. Good luck, friends!

Interface and graphics

Big Bamboo slot is designed in a wildlife theme. This game is perfect for beginners due to its simple design.

Play Big Bamboo

When you start the game, you are taken to the central playing field, which occupies the main space on the screen. In the background you will see a beautiful bamboo forest, creating the atmosphere of nature and immersing you in the game. And at the bottom of the screen there is an information panel and control buttons, which will help you control the game process.

These are the buttons that are available:

  • Main Menu: here you can access the basic game settings, including changing your bet, checking rules and payouts, and other useful features.
  • Turns the sound on and off: you can choose whether you listen to music and game sounds or prefer to play in silence.
  • Balance, bet size and winnings: you will always see the current balance on your account, as well as information about the size of your bet and winnings.
  • Setting the price of the round: here you can choose the size of your bet for each round of the game.
  • Enable autoplay settings: if you want to automate the game, you can configure the automatic game settings so that the slot starts spinning the reels on its own.
  • Spin start: the main button, which starts the rotation of the reels and starts the game.
  • Buying Bonus Rounds: if you want more excitement, you can use this button to acquire bonus rounds and get more chances to win.

The graphics in the game are crisp and the images on the reels are contrasting, making the gameplay even more exciting. And if you want, Big Bamboo slot even allows you to stretch to the full screen so you get the most out of the game.

So don't waste any time and dive into the world of Big Bamboo, where prizes and exciting game time await you!

Big Bamboo symbols

In the Big Bamboo game, the main characters are representatives of wildlife, which add excitement and variety to the gameplay.

Big Bamboo

Here's a list of the main characters:

  1. Panda: This is the most recognizable and valuable symbol of the game. Even the appearance of 2 panda pictures on a line leads to a win. And if you get more pandas, your winnings will be even more significant.
  2. Boar: The boar also contributes to the prize combinations. You will need 3 or more wild boars on a line to win a prize.
  3. Monkey: The monkey joins the game too, offering you more opportunities to win. To get a prize, you need to collect 3 or more monkeys on a line.
  4. Bird: The birds also bring their uniqueness to the game. Collect 3 or more birds on a line and your winnings will be secured.

In addition to wildlife characters, you will also see on the Big Bamboo slot card suits such as hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds. They bring the same income, and wins with them begin with the falling out of 3 or more identical suits on a line.

Wild symbol

The developers have also offered a special symbol, which is the wild (Wild). It is a golden picture with the word "Wild" on itwhich can substitute for any other paying symbols in the game.

Big Bamboo

If 2 or more wilds fall on a line, you will also receive an additional prize according to your bet size.

Play Big Bamboo

Besides, there are other additional special symbols in the game, which add interest and fascination to the game. We will talk more about them in the corresponding section of this article. So keep your hand on the pulse, because Big Bamboo invites you to an exciting adventure in the wilderness with amazing prize combinations!

Payouts and rates

The Big Bamboo game offers you as many as 50 paylines, which gives you plenty of opportunities to win. You can familiarize yourself with all the available symbol combinations in the slot description. It is important to know that prizes count when symbols fall from left to rightstarting from the first reel. The number of winning lines is fixed and cannot be changed - they remain constant throughout the game.

Big Bamboo

Your bet size can be set via the lower control panel. In order to to set the cost of the bet, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the up arrow button to open the list of available values.
  2. Choose any of the values presented to fit your preferences and budget.
  3. Once you select the option you want, the round value will be set automatically. You will not need to confirm this action, it will be applied immediately after the value is selected.

It is important to note that you cannot enter the desired round value via the keypad. You are provided with a limited set of preset values for easy selection.

So customize your bet size in the Big Bamboo game and get ready for an exhilarating adventure with wildlife and a chance for big wins!

Bonuses and special symbols

In Big Bamboo, the developers have added bonus games and specialized symbols to make the gameplay even more interesting and varied. One of the ways to trigger the bonus round is to falling out 3 or more images of yin and yang symbols on the playing field. When it happens, you go into the bonus gamewhere additional opportunities to win prizes await.

Big Bamboo

A special feature of the bonus round is that some of the images with yin and yang symbols do not have "Bonus" written on them. Instead, they show the number of free rounds you will get. This means that when such images fall out in sufficient numbers, you will be awarded a certain number of free spins that will help you increase your chances of winning.

Thus, The bonus games in Big Bamboo offer you the chance to experience something new and exciting in the gameplay. Specialized symbols add extra features and rewards, giving you even more excitement and chances to win. Get ready to meet the bonus games and extra prizes that will be waiting for you in Big Bamboo!

Special characters

In Big Bamboo you will encounter special symbols that add interest and extra features to the game. One such symbol is the image of bamboo. It can fall on any of the reels and hides other images such as animal images or other pictures. When the reels stop, the bamboo symbol will reveal itself, revealing hidden symbols. This can create exciting combinations and increase your chances of winning.

Big Bamboo

Another special symbol in the Big Bamboo game is. Golden Bamboo. When this symbol falls, it activates a special feature that allows you to significantly increase the size of your winnings. Once you activate this feature, the machine starts to work differently, offering you additional symbols that can increase your prize size.

These special symbols give the Big Bamboo game an added element of surprise and chances for even bigger wins. Be careful when the bamboo is revealed and Golden Bamboo is activated, because these are the moments when your prizes can increase in size. Get ready for an exciting gaming experience with unique features and symbols in Big Bamboo!

Bonuses and Supergame

In the game Big Bamboo, you have the opportunity to run free spinsWhen several images of yin and yang symbols fall on the playing field. When this happens, the design of the slot changes, and it becomes much easier for you to win. Free spins give you extra chances of success and can significantly increase your profits.

Big Bamboo

If you need more excitement and bigger winning opportunities, you can also buy the bonus round. To do so, simply click on the star and choose one of the four options. The cost of the bonus round is determined by the maximum and minimum number of games. The most affordable option is. purple, which costs x99 of the round price. For this you will get from 7 to 9 free spins. After selecting the bonus round option, you will be asked to read the current terms and conditions and confirm or decline the purchase.

Play Big Bamboo

During the free round, different symbols can fall on the playing field, and sometimes new bonus pictures appear, which allow you to get extra games. If you fall out Mystary Stack symbol, then the Golden Bamboo game is activatedand additional images appear on the playing field:

  • Instant Prize: gives you the opportunity to win additional prizes of up to 5000x the value of your bet.
  • Collector: is the symbol that collects all Instant Prize rolls and adds them to your winnings.
  • Multiplier: is an image that increases the values of previous winning spins by a specified number.

It is important to note that your win total cannot exceed the values set by the developer to keep the game balanced.

So the Big Bamboo game offers free spins, buy in bonus rounds and exciting bonus features that will add extra excitement and chances for big wins. Good luck in your search for golden bamboo and big prizes!

Maximum winnings

In Big Bamboo, the maximum win per round is an impressive x50000 of your bet size. This means that you have the potential to win up to 50,000 times your bet.

The bet limit for one round in the game is €100 or the equivalent in another currency. If you make the maximum bet and manage to get the highest paying combination of symbols, your winnings can reach an impressive amount of up to 5000000 EUR.

Big Bamboo

This is a very large amount, and it shows the potential of the Big Bamboo slot in providing players with big wins. However, it is important to remember that winning depends on luck and chance, and does not guarantee that you will necessarily win such an amount.

So, you have a chance to place the maximum bet, play a successful round and win an impressive amount of money at Big Bamboo. Try to remain a responsible player and manage your budget wisely. Good luck in your hunt for big winnings!

Return rate

RTP (Return to Player) and volatility are important factors that help determine how often you can expect to win and how much money you can make playing a slot game.

RTP is the percentage rate that a slot returns to players in the long run. For example, if The RTP is 96%, meaning that on average a player can expect to return 96% of their bets in the long run. However, it is important to realize that this is a statistic and does not guarantee that every player will receive the exact same amount.

Volatility (or variance) reflects the degree of variation in the size and frequency of payouts in a game. There are low, medium and high volatility.

  • Low volatility means that wins will be frequent but small.
  • Medium volatility offers moderate wins with an average payout frequency.
  • High volatility can produce bigger wins, but they will fall out less frequently.

Push Gaming sets the RTP and volatility parameters for its slots, including Big Bamboo. The casino is not able to change these fixed parameters as they are defined by the developer.

When playing Big Bamboo slot, you should consider the RTP and volatility to have an idea of what expectations you can have from the game. However, remember that the results of each round are determined by chance and no parameters guarantee a certain outcome.

RTP of Big Bamboo slot

The abbreviation RTP stands for Return to Player, which means "return to users". This indicator indicates the percentage of money that is returned to players in the form of winnings in the long term. It reflects how much of the total amount of bets will be paid out as prize winnings.

In the game. Big Bamboo's average return rate (RTP) is 96.13%. This means that, on average, the game returns 96.13% in winnings out of all bets placed. However, it is important to note that RTP is a statistic and the results of each individual round can vary greatly.

When you activate bonus rounds in the Big Bamboo game, the return rate can increase up to 96.94%. This means that in the bonus rounds, players have the opportunity to get an even higher percentage return on their bets.

Play Big Bamboo

It is important to remember that RTP does not guarantee that each individual player will receive an exact percentage of winnings. It reflects the long-term statistics of the game. Some players may receive more than they bet, while others may suffer losses. It all depends on luck, game strategy and the randomness of each individual round.

So, When you play Big Bamboo, you can expect an average return rate (RTP) of 96.13% and even higher odds in bonus rounds. But remember that these are statistics, and each round will differ in results.


Big Bamboo features high volatility, which means that the frequency of winning combinations may be lower, but their resulting sizes can be significant. You can expect Winning rounds will occur at intervals of approximately 5 to 8 consecutive games.

Big Bamboo

High volatility means that although victories may be less frequent when they occur, they may be more significant. This is because in the Big Bamboo game, the most expensive and valuable pictures often fall out, which increases your chances of winning a super prize.

Due to the high volatility Big Bamboo offers you the opportunity to experience the thrill of anticipation and the hope of big wins. However, remember that winning combinations are still subject to chance, and the outcome of each round cannot be predicted with accuracy.

So be prepared for some waiting, but don't give up hope, because high volatility at Big Bamboo also means increased chances of big prizes and an exciting gaming experience. Good luck in your hunt for a super prize at Big Bamboo!

Smartphone and tablet play

Push Gaming really understands the growing popularity of using smartphones and tablets to play casino games. Therefore, they have implemented mobile optimizations for the Big Bamboo game to provide the best gaming experience for mobile players. Here are some of the optimizations that have been made:

  1. High download speeds: The Push Gaming team has ensured that the game loads quickly so that players can quickly start the game and enjoy it without any lag.
  2. Preservation of previous algorithms: It is important to note that while optimizing the game for mobile devices Push Gaming has retained all the basic algorithms and mechanics of the game. Thus, you can enjoy the same gameplay and winning opportunities as on the desktop versions.
  3. Adjust the image to fit any display diagonal: The designers at Push Gaming have adapted the images in Big Bamboo for suitable display on different diagonals of mobile displays. This ensures optimal visual appeal and graphic quality on your mobile device screen.
  4. Convenient button layout and gesture control: The company's designers have redesigned the button layout to provide more convenient gameplay control, even with one hand through gestures. This allows you to set or change the round value, start spinning reels and perform other actions more easily and intuitively on a mobile device.

Thus, Big Bamboo game has been optimized for mobile devices to give you the best gaming experience on your smartphone or tablet. Enjoy the game, adjust your bets and spin the reels with simple one-handed gestures right on your cell phone.


Push Gaming has introduced Big Bamboo slot in two variations - main and demo versions. Customers are given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the game and its mechanics in demo mode without spending a single penny. This is a great opportunity for players to understand the rules of the game, determine their preferences and understand whether they like the slot Big Bamboo, before making real bets.

Big Bamboo

You do not need to create an account on the casino site to activate the demo mode of the game. Many companies provide the opportunity to play demo versions of slots without the need to register. This is convenient for players who are just interested in trying the game without commitment.

However, if you want to bet for real money in Big Bamboo slot, you need to create an account on the casino site and deposit your balance. This will allow you to enjoy the game with real bets and have the opportunity to win real money.

Play Big Bamboo

Thus, you have a choice between the demo version of the game, which allows you to play for free without registration, and the main version, in which you can bet for real money after creating an account and replenishing your balance. The decision depends on your preferences and goals in the game.

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Which company developed the Big Bamboo slot?

Big Bamboo slot is developed by Push Gaming.

When was the Big Bamboo slot released?

Big Bamboo slot was released in March 2022.

What themes are present in Big Bamboo slot?

Big Bamboo slot has a wildlife and Asian forest theme.

How many reels are there in the playing field of Big Bamboo slot?

There are 5 reels in the playing field of Big Bamboo slot.

How many paylines does Big Bamboo slot offer?

Big Bamboo slot offers 50 paylines.

What characters are featured in the game Big Bamboo?

The Big Bamboo game features a panda, a boar, a monkey and a bird.

Which images bring wins in Big Bamboo slot?

Winnings in Big Bamboo slot bring images that make up the same combinations in a line.

Which symbol is the special symbol in Big Bamboo slot?

The special symbol in Big Bamboo slot is a gold-colored image with the word Wild on it.

How many lines do you need to match to trigger the bonus round in Big Bamboo slot?

To trigger the bonus round in Big Bamboo slot, you need 3 or more images with yin and yang symbols to fall out.

What happens in the bonus round of Big Bamboo slot?

The Big Bamboo slot's bonus round changes the game design and gives the player the opportunity to get free spins of the reels with additional special symbols.

How can you activate the bonus round in Big Bamboo slot?

The bonus round in Big Bamboo slot is activated when a certain number of yin and yang symbols fall on the playing field.

What additional special symbols are available in Big Bamboo slot?

Additional special symbols such as Mystary Stack, Instant Prize, Collector and Multiplier are available in Big Bamboo slot.

What kind of volatility is present in Big Bamboo slot?

The Big Bamboo slot features high volatility.

What is the return to player (RTP) percentage in Big Bamboo slot?

The return to player (RTP) percentage in the Big Bamboo slot is 96.13%.

How can you play Big Bamboo slot - for free or for real money?

In Big Bamboo slot you can play for free in the demo version, and for real money after creating an account on the casino site and replenishing the balance.